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Relentless Explorers

Kayaking (Upstream) in the Pine Barrens

Last update: May 23, 2022

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Who Are We

We are Don "Relentless" and Ken "Relentless", neighbors in the Chatsworth, New Jersey area. After paddling all the usual canoe/kayak routes in the area several times we wondered what is up the other way? and decided to see how far upriver we could go. So we would paddle until we came to some obstruction we couldn't get past and turn back. But we would come back again with saws and other tools to see how much farther we could get. Each time a little farther. Now we have the attitude if there is enough water in the stream, we will eventually (with enough work) get through it. We have been places in the pine barrens that very few people ever get to see, and never by boat.

Our purpose for this website is to get a few people interested in the waterways we opened up and hopefully help them stay clear or maybe even push a little farther up. These routes aren't easy paddling, but experienced flat-water kayakers looking for something different might enjoy them. We do not claim to be experts on any of the subjects on this website. We are just a couple of guys passing along information we picked up in our travels.