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Track Plans
3 diagrams

The page has both the original and the revised track plans that fit neatly onto a 4x8 foot table.

Gallery 1
53 photos

The first photo shoot on 6/24/2000. These shots were taken by Steven Gargus using an Olympus digital camera.

Gallery 2
29 photos

I finally cleaned up the table and staged some photos on 10/09/2001. The shots were taken with a Casio QV2900 digital camera. These are the last pictures of Table 2 before it was dismantled.

Gallery 3
43 photos

The demolition and reconstruction sequence! Due to the steepness of the grades on the original Table 1 plan, I undertook this project. The modified track plan eliminates the hidden loop and adds another mining spur.

Gallery 4
36 photos

After 13 years the T&FRR is going into storage. This photo set shows the modest model collection that began in 1992. Final shots of the unfinished train table round out the set. It is likely this table will eventually be dismantled.

Gallery 5
24 photos

These are the final photos of the dismantling of the railroad.

Gallery 6
Photos and Videos

These are photos of LEGO train layouts taken at different train shows. This page will be updated whenever I spot a LEGO train display.

Timberline & Frontsville RailRoad collage.

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