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Gallery 4 - June 26, 2008 Images
eBay Sales and Final State

4555 Freight Station.
4556 Train Station.
4549 Container Cars.
4543 Flat Car.
2126 Freight Cars.
4547 Club Car.
4537 Twin Tank.
10020 Super Chief.
10020 Super Chief, Serial #7727 of first 10,000 produced.
6594 Tank Truck.
Custom church and apartment.
Frontsville Baptist Church.
4208 Hogwart's Express.
4546 and 2565.
4539 Level Crossing (2)
6566 Bank.
4533 Snow Plow.
4536 Hopper Car (2).
10017 Hopper Car.
4563 Load N' Haul.
3325 Train Set.
4564 Freight Rail Runner.
10001 Metroliner.
10001 Metroliner with second 9v motor.
The mountain side of the unfinished train table. The scenery used wood risers, cardboard webbing and shop towels soaked in Hydrocal. The finished areas were covered in Sculptamold, painted and covered with ground foam.
An end shot of the unfinished train table. The effectiveness of the center divider can be clearly seen.
The new mining spur area provided yet another isolated scene opportunity. Unfortunately, it will never be finished.
Looking down on the deserted Frontsville yard.
Another shot of the final track plan.
The Frontsville play area. The bridge and tunnel are punch-throughs to the strictly scenic side of the layout.
Frontsville-side overview.
Frontsville yard. The tunnel portal for the roadway, a resin casting, is fake.
Notice the grade-crossing plates. The center four pieces had to be trimmed to fit like this!.
This Lionel plate-girder bridge has a custom cut aluminum base plate to take the curve track.
The LEGO track looks superb sitting on O-27 cork roadbed, painted and covered with balast. Woodland Scenics ground foam rounds out the scene.
Notice this empty Sterilite 20 gallon container.
It is nearly filled with LEGO bricks from dozen of sets accumulated over the years and this did NOT include the 9v Trains.
Even dumped on the Frontsville area of the layout, no photo can do justice to this pile.