Alloway's Farm

Alloway's Farm (center of satellite image) is about a mile and a half south of Friendship off East Sandy Ridge Road. The zig-zag of the road is due to it crossing between two former cranberry bogs.

Google Earth satellite view

Sitting out in the middle of the woods off East Sandy Ridge Road is a large angular block of granite that commemorates one of the first cultivated blueberry farms in the United States. On September 20, 2008 I drove out to photograph Friendship and then headed south. An interesting side road just beyond the s-curve on that road caught my attention. Turning in, I discovered the old Alloway Farm quite by accident. The 8-ton granite monument was laid in 1986 by the State of New Jersey. Close around it are four foundations remaining from the old Alloway Farm homestead.

The monument reads as follows:

The cultivated blueberry industry started in the New Jersey Pinelands. On this site, James Garfield Alloway established one of world's first blueberry farms. Not only was it one of the first, but for many years it was one of the most productive.

The hard work of James Garfield Alloway, Anna Shinske (Chorocynzki) Alloway and his son, Mark Andrew Alloway made this piece of pinelands their garden spot. Their pioneering efforts helped establish blueberry cultivation.

This monument is dedicated to their memory by James Garfield Demarco. Now abandoned and returning to the forest, the Alloway farm belongs to the State of New Jersey.

Erected March 28, 1986

09/20/2008: Alloway's Rock overview;
09/20/2008: Alloway's Rock upper inscription.
09/20/2008: Alloway's Rock lower inscription.
09/20/2008: Alloway's Rock side view.
09/20/2008: The blueberry fields are steadily being reclaimed by the woods.


Foundations #1 through 4

These are the four foundations of the old Alloway Farm.

09/20/2008: Foundation #1 is probably the farmhouse.
09/20/2008: Foundation #1 with an Eastern Fence Swift.
09/20/2008: Foundation #2.
09/20/2008: Foundation #3.
09/20/2008: Foundation #4.
09/20/2008: Foundation #4.


Foundation #5

This was fifth foundation was across from the Pioneer Gun Club. This was likely a picker's shed for the surrounding blueberry fields.

10/23/2010: Foundation #5.
10/23/2010: Foundation #5.
10/23/2010: Pioneer Gun Club. The windows and doors are completely shuttered.

Foundation #6

Directly across from the entrance to the Alloway Farm lies one of many disused blueberry fields. Among the weeds and trees lies another foundation of a farm structure long gone. I had passed this one many times and never once suspected it was there.


05/09/2010: Foundation #6.
05/09/2010: Foundation #6.
05/09/2010: Foundation #6.
05/09/2010: Foundation #6.
05/09/2010: Foundation #6 is very close to the road but well hidden.