Friendship School

The site of the one room school house may be counted among the dozen or so cellar holes and foundations that still exist at Friendship, New Jersey. What little information exists about this ghost town can be found in online forums and certain books. I had heard that the school house had been moved to Tabernacle and restored many years ago, but until October 31, 2008 I had not made an effort to locate it. As it turns out I had been passing it on Carranza Road in Tabernacle on every trip out to the Wharton Tract. It sits in a fenced off area next to Tabernacle Intermediate School. Since this was my first encounter with Friendship School, I was only able to get outside shots, but I could see the interior had been restored. It has the distinction of being the only surviving structure of a town that has long since vanished.

Incidentally, I attended the intermediate school for grades 6 through 8 in the 1976 to 1979 time frame. Back then it was called Tabernacle Middle School and remains in use today as part of the Lenape High School District. That school was built back in the 1930s and is itself part of Tabernacle's history.

Tabernacle Township's website has some information at the very bottom of the main page. They state Friendship School was originally built on Powell Place Road, the present day area in Tabernacle known as FoxChase-Friendship, so this leaves me confused as to which Friendship they are really talking about. Perhaps a phone call to the Tabernacle Historical Society would clear things up? Has everyone been confused about which Friendship school this is?

10/31/2008: The restored Friendship School fenced off and preserved.
10/31/2008: I have to wonder how many times I drove right by this historic structure and never knew it was there...
10/31/2008: The school without the fence visible.
10/31/2008: The interior is barely visible with the sun glare.
10/31/2008: Close up of the sign.
10/31/2008: The chimney is for the pot belly stove.
10/31/2008: One day I hope to get better interior shots.
05/12/2012: Interior view of the one room school house.
05/12/2012: Interior view of the one room school house.
05/12/2012: The child on the left is Gladys Demarco. The photo is from the early 1900s.
05/12/2012: Imagine keeping warm in the winter with this coal stove.
05/12/2012: Teacher's desk.