Sandy Ridge

Upon leaving Friendship Bogs on my November 22, 2008 trip, I drove past something on Carranza Road not far from S-curve. Less than 100 feet from the road was a hole. A cellar hole? I stopped my car and got out for a look. The old stonework declared there were once buildings at this location. Was this part of the town of Friendship or some other settlement?

I since have learned this site was known as Sandy Ridge. The foundation I located was actually part of a sawmill that might have been in operation as late as 1920, but no one really knows for sure. Like most of the abandoned sawmills in the Pine Barrens, little is left of them except for a stone pit or a concrete block with mounting rods.

This satellite view shows the approximate location of saw mill at Marker #1 and another cellar hole at Marker #2.

Googe Earth satellite view

On March 14, 2009 I had just passed the saw mill and noticed another concrete and brick object in the woods not far from the saw mill. At Marker #3 was a small group of footings whose purpose was unknown. The length of the multiple walls indicates it might have been some kind of storage shed or partial footings from a house of some kind. The upper end of Friendship Bogs are close by.


Foundation #1

The sawmill foundation is fairly close to Carranza Road.

11/22/2008: The saw mill pit with a lone tree growing in it.
11/22/2008: Notice the curve-shaped pit for the saw blade.
11/22/2008: The saw mill pit from the opposite side.
11/22/2008: The saw mill pit is not far from the road, but difficult to spot when the vegetation is thick.
11/22/2008: This is also part of the sawmill structure.
11/22/2008: Concrete fragment and stonework.


Foundation #2

This former cellar hole appears to have become a trash pit. I noticed a number of coffee cups and other litter on the access road around this place. A search of the surrounding area turned up nothing else of interest.

11/22/2008: Foundation #2 from the access road. My car is in the distance on Carranza Road.
11/22/2008: Foundation #2 from the opposite side. Still a trash pit.
04/16/2009: I missed the remains of this wall on the first exploration.
04/16/2009: Broken bricks and mortar litter the area around the large cellar hole.
04/16/2009: More broken bricks and mortar litter the area around the large cellar hole.
04/16/2009: Another fragment of Foundation #2 remains.


Foundation #3

These footings are not very long and not spaced very far apart. They appear to be brick and concrete construction. This was the location of one of the houses at Sandy Ridge.

03/22/2009: Foundation #3.
03/22/2009: Foundation #3.
03/22/2009: Foundation #3.
03/22/2009: Foundation #3.


Foundation #4

Following a bike ride in the Pines on April 16, 2009, I stopped by Sandy Ridge to do some more snooping around. I had long suspected the area around Foundation #2, the large cellar hole, might be hiding more foundations. As it turned out, there were at least two more foundations of former homes in that area. At one time there were at least four houses at Sandy Ridge. Had I located them all?

Foundation #4 is directly across from Foundation #2, the large cellar hole. I only discovered it when I was looking for the additional houses, but it was not visible from the road.

04/18/2009: Foundation #4 was very difficult to find in the pine needles. It was not visible even when standing or driving on the access road.
04/18/2009: Foundation #4's brick and concrete base was incomplete in places.
04/18/2009: Two threaded rods poke through the pine needles. This is one of them.
04/18/2009: The other side of Foundation #4 incomplete footings.
04/18/2009: Foundation #4 is directly across the access road from Foundation #2 in this reference shot.


Foundation #5

Foundation #5 is a short distance Foundation #2. This one was also heavily obscured by pine needles.

04/18/2009: Little remains of Foundation #5.
04/18/2009: This is all that is left of the third house.
04/18/2009: Foundation #5 is not far from Foundation #2 in this reference shot. My car is parked between the foundations.


Foundation #6

Foundation #6 is further away and close to Carranza Road. It is but a crater in the ground.

04/18/2009: Little remains of Foundation #6 except a crater.
04/18/2009: Fragment of terracotta pipe.