Welcome to Friendship, New Jersey

Well, what there is of it anyway...

Friendship is one of many forgotten places deep in the Pine Barrens, though it is one of the best and easiest to find examples. My first encounter with the site was in October 2007 when I first saw the partial chimney of one of the foundations. At the time I had no idea I was looking at a real Pine Barrens ghost town. Like the ruins at Hampton Furnace, I was curious about the rectangular shapes I had spotted on Google's satellite maps. Still named as a town, the site deserved another visit. Online research confirmed that this was a former cranberry town.



1st Exploration: September 20, 2008.
2nd Exploration: October 30, 2008.
3rd Exploration: November 22, 2008.

Brief History

Joseph Evans and Joshua Wills, Quakers from Medford, started growing cranberries around 1868 on 1,200 acres they owned in Washington Township and the newly formed Woodland Township. Initially called Quaker, the name Friendship was adopted and became the established name. Cranberries were grown here until the 1940s. After changing hands again the land was finally sold to the State of New Jersey in the 1950s. The last remaining houses were removed sometime in the early 1970s. More information can be found in John E. Pearce's book Heart of the Pines and from online forums such as the one at

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