A Forgotten Place

Hidden away in the pinelands of southern New Jersey are numerous ruins of the bygone era of the bog iron industry. These were the days when bog iron was harvested from ruddy lakes and streams, to be converted to pig iron in primitive blast furnaces. Hampton Furnace is one such forgotten location along the famous Batsto River. Today there is little that remains of the bog iron industry. The cranberry industry later replaced the furnace and even it vanished once this land was claimed by the State.


August 24th, 2008. This was my first trip out to Hampton Furnace, one of the New Jersey Pine Barren's many forgotten towns. I stumbled on this place quite by accident while searching Google Maps for points of interest in the areas around the Carranza Monument. Intruiged by the odd rectangles and open space in the satellite photo, I took the dirt road named Glossy Spung (now renamed Hampton Road) straight to Hampton Furnace.

This placid scene looks along Hampton Road. The main ruins are just beyond the bridge over the Batsto River to the left. A number of old foundations and a cellar hole lie hidden in the meadow on the right.




As these are historical ruins in a New Jersey state forest, I will not provide GPS coordinates or driving directions to the site.


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