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Deep Run Bog

Deep Run Bog is short distance from the Hampton Furnace ruins, but it too has nearby ruins and a certain beauty about it. A former cranberry farm, this area has steadily reverted back to nature.

August 26, 2008

Late summer 2008 views of the bog and nearby ruins were the focus of this visit.

Deep Run bog.
Water lillies at Deep Run bog.
These ruins at Deep Run are about a mile from Hampton Furnace.
Remains of the building's chimney. A geocache is located here.
Ruins of a small building in the woods near Hampton Furnace.

July 3, 2009

On an evening visit to Deep Run bog, I was interested in identifying some additional targets that appear on the USGS Pemberton southwest quad 1949 map. The map shows five objects at Deep Run, the most prominent of which are the ruins of the small structure. I was able to locate two more of the five markers, but of the other two I can imagine that nothing remains. The structure looked to be some kind of farm house at Deep Run Bogs, a cranberry farm close to Hampton Furnace.

I attempted to locate the fifth target at the end of the path, the one nearest Springer's Brook, but biting flies and mosquitoes made this impossible. Perhaps a recon in the dead of winter would be easier.

These posts and ladder were not far beyond the ruins of the structure.
I suspect this might have been the outhouse pit, also close by the structure.
Deep Run Bog is a place of beauty.
The serenity of evening approaches at Deep Run Bog.
No photo.

March 11, 2011

Postings in an online forum provided further information as to exactly what was located at Deep Run Bog. Maps and aerial photos show this was another lost cranberry farm. The small structure I had been to many times, but where was the packing house?

Compare the present day ruins with this 1940 aerial photo. The ruined structure may have been part of the home in the lower left corner of the photo. The cranberry packing house is in the upper middle. The structure burned to the ground in 1942 so there is no trace of it on later aerial maps.


Little is left of the cranberry packing house.
Fragments of terra cotta pipe are unremarkable.
Little remains of the packing house foundation.
Only a few pieces of cinderblock survive.
This piece of iron slag was an unusual sight at the ruins.