Lemurtech.org now has a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

I recently undertook the task of learning how to create and install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Considering that my hosting provider charges north of $90 per year, free+effort+90 day expiration sounds much cheaper.

I will include links on how this was done. More to come…

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The kayaking website is keeping the same look

After reviewing the original HTML template, I decided to keep it. I spent the past week completely reworking the structure of the various photo directories. By restoring many of the changes I made back in the beginning, some of the previously non-working features are functional again. The most noticeable is the top of page gadget that follows the cursor as you scroll down the page.

One of the big changes was changing the kayaking.lemurtech.org redirect to lemurtech.org/upstream. The two Pine Barrens sites were similarly redirected to lemurtech.org/pinebarrens. I am satisfied with the changes and will leave things as they are for the foreseeable future.

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The kayaking website is getting a new look

My kayaking.lemurtech.org site is getting updated. A lot of internal restructuring of the website has been going on the last few days, and yes it might have some broken stuff or look strange while I am working on it.

I am in the market for a new HTML5 template, or even a WordPress template that can accommodate the extensive photo galleries, video links and maps. I am evaluating all possibilities, including newer responsive-type templates. The current one is ten years old and a lot of work to add new entries, all done the old-fashion code by hand method. Stay-tuned for changes, trips in the last year never posted and other things.

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A CSV import tool for mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a great RDP management program and best of all it is open-source. Some months ago I need a replacement for the old freeware version of RoyalTS (code4ward.com) and mRemoteNG looked promising. The only thing it lacked was a way to import a pre-configured list of hosts.

Building a program to import a CSV-style listing was a challenge. I am not a programmer, but I do have years of experience working with Winbatch (winbatch.com). It took hours and hours, but I have a working program that will take a specifically formatted CSV list and output a formatted XML file that mRemoteNG will read. Testing is ongoing. Stay-tuned for more.

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Frozen at Friendship, New Jersey

New Years Day. 18 degrees. It was 6 degrees last night here in Chatsworth. 6 degrees. It has not been that cold here in a very long time.

Friendship is nowhere and a forgotten place in the Wharton State Forest. I have been there many times in warmer and somewhat less cold weather. I was there today in 18 degree temperatures and the wind. I went out to one of the ancient and disused cranberry bogs. The cold was biting through my boots and gloves after a while. Everywhere where open water once was, there was now only snow covered ice. The ice was thick enough to walk on. I did not walk on it beyond testing its solidity. The last time I walked on this frozen bog was January 22, 2011. It brought back memories…

This is the view about halfway out on the berm between the two bogs.

And this. A frozen wasteland.

I returned to my truck after this. The cold was not going to win, not today.

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Lemurtech.org Has a New Hosting Account

Until December 29, 2017 this website was hosted on the old 2GH Classic Linux account at GoDaddy. One of the bigger drawbacks was that it had PHP 5.3, no longer supported and not upgradable. From the support forums I found the only way to fix this problem was to move the account to one of the newer shared Linux hosting accounts using cPanel. I was not disappointed.

In the meantime I am still experimenting with the WordPress front end and looking for a theme similar to the MistyLook theme that I had. That theme only worked with WordPress 3.x.

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